Our Preschool Workshop Themes


Dino Dig

Kids are introduced to the differences between meat-eating and plant-eating animals. They have the opportunity to look at some dinosaur teeth up close and work as paleontologists, by participating in a mini dinosaur dig that engages their attention and helps them improve their scientific knowledge.


Adventures in Air

Preschoolers learn that even though air is invisible it is all around them, all the time. They also learn that air has the power to move items and to slow them down. They experiment with a variety of items that rely on the air to help them move.


Wiggly World of Worms

This workshop provides preschoolers with an opportunity to get their hands dirty while learning all about worms. They work with magnifying glasses to get an up-close look at the lives and habits of worms.


Weather Wonders

Preschoolers help create a cloud in a bottle and make it rain inside. They also learn all about the water cycle and weather patterns, and design their very own windsock to take home.


Water Works

Water is more complicated than it looks and through this exciting workshop children learn all about the different properties of water. They experiment with floating, sinking, absorption, and so much more.


Science of Music

Boom, tap, smack, cha-cha-cha! Listen to the sounds and rhythm of the science of music. Children feel, hear, and see the vibrations that help create music in this hands-on exploration.


My Body

Children meet Mr. Bones, the skeleton, and learn about muscles and body systems.


Animal Friends

Children become an animal, identify animal sounds, and learn all about animal babies and parents.


Space the final Frontier

Take your class on a trip through the solar system and sign them up for the Mad Science Astronaut in Training Program, where they will learn all about the elements of space. Students will even get to take their very own mini rocket home.


Mad Mixtures

Kids learn about volcanoes and simple chemistry. They make their own modeling dough to take home.


Lights On

What is light? Kids mix colors of light and explore rainbows.


Taste and Smell

Kids are introduced to their senses of smell and taste. they learn how these senses help them enjoy all of their favorite foods and scents, as well as experience those that are not as pleasant. Students create their very own scented pictures to take home.



Preschoolers will learn all about butterflies; where they come from, the stages of their growth, and how they eat. They even make some of their own winged critters to take home.


Energy & Motion

Kids explore the concept of energy and how it gets things moving. Toys are used to help explain simple energy ideas and capture preschoolers' attention. They also get to take home toys called “Boinks” that demonstrate how energy and motion are related.


Fluttering Birds

Children learn all about their fine feathered friends when they take an up-close look at birds. They discover how to match bird mates, see what eggs are produced by which species, learn how a bird's beak is a tool, and how to identify different birds' songs. They take home bird warblers to practice their bird songs at home.


Lets Measure

Preschoolers learn the basics of measurement by measuring all kinds of objects using balance beam scales, bathroom scales, and even their own feet! Children are introduced to the concept of estimation and take home a measuring foot to cut out with their parents.


Sea, Sand & Surf

Children explore the science of the sea and learn about what sand is made from, how shells are used by animals for protection, and what animals live in the ocean. They make their own ocean bottle to take home.


Shapes and Structures

Children discover different shapes and structures by using different kinds of equipment, like Geoboards and Magnatiles. They create their own structure to take home using cornstarch-based “noodles.”


Healthy Choices

Preschoolers are introduced to basic nutrition in this hands-on workshop. They discover what makes a healthy meal and why they need to keep eating fruits and vegetables to grow strong!


Reduce, Recycle, Reuse

Learn about the three R's in this fun workshop and then use your knowledge to help protect our Earth and environment!


Bubbling Potions

Children explore the three states of matter with dry ice. They create bubbling volcanos and recreate smoke illusions as seen in the movies.

Rocket Science

Children will take part in a real model rocket launch. Workshop is held outside.

Sweet Heat

Children will observe the transformation of molecules while discovering the properties of heat through observing an underwater volcano. They will use what they have learned to create a sweet treat.


Mineral Mania

Children will peek into the Earth's layers, erupt a foamy volcano. They will even experiment with some that glow.


Bug Buddies

Children will learn about bug antimony, what it is like to have compound eyes and will use their imagination to create their own bug buddy.


Seeking Our Senses

Kids explore all five senses. They test their vision with optical illusions, experiment with their hearing and a mystery taste test


Science of Magic

Explore the Science behind magic and how magicians use optical illusions to perform some of their favorite tricks.


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