NC Essential Grade Level Workshop Series

16 Exciting Hands-on Experiences


Exploring Ecosystems

In this 5th Grade Workshop, children will understand the interdependence of plants and animals within their ecosystems. Children will dissect owl pellets to learn about animal adaptations, experiment with new eco-friendly discoveries, and build a zoo by sorting animals into their correct biomes.


Body Works

This 5th Grade Workshop will compare the major systems of the human body and learn how they perform functions necessary for life. Children will build their very own cell model to take home, test blood samples, and take a closer look at how your body works!


Wild Weather

This 5th Grade Workshop will help children understand weather patterns and phenomena, making connections to the weather in a particular place and time. Children will create a pet cloud, have fun with some real meteorologist tools, and learn more about precipitation by making SNOW!


Fun-damental Forces

In this 5th Grade Workshop,children will understand force, motion and the relationship between them and how factors such as gravity, friction, and change in mass affect the motion of objects. Children will race rubber band cars and mini hover pucks, launch catapults and even take part in a high flying rocket launch!


What's the Matter

In this 5th Grade Workshop, children will understand the interactions of matter and energy and the changes that occur. Children put Newton's third law to the test, experiment with fun chemical reactions and even create your own slime!



This 5th Grade Workshop will study the effects of the transfer of heat (either by direct contact or at a distance) that occurs between objects at different temperatures. (Conduction, convection and radiation.) Children experiment with hand boilers, super saturated solutions, and learn the science behind hot air balloons!


Exploring Energy

This 4th Grade Workshop will study the basic forms of energy and their ability to cause motion or create change. Children work in stations and experiment with circuits, laser mazes, and cool sound effects!


Magnetic Magic

In this 4th Grade Workshop, children will learn how different forces affect the motion of an object and experiment with magnets and electricity. Children play tug of war with a real electromagnet and even try our hair-raising static electricity generator!


States of Matter

In this 3rd Grade Workshop, children will study the structure and properties of matter before and after they undergo a change. Children will experiment with amazing bubbling potions, low melt metal, and even watch a can implode!


It's Alive

In this 3rd Grade Workshop, children will understand the human body systems and how they are essential for life, protection, movement and support. Children learn about bones and joints and even make your own pair of mega-pinchers!


Matter Matters

In this 2nd Grade Workshop, children understand the properties of solids and liquids and the changes they undergo. Children experiment with amazing bubbling potions and dry ice!


Sonic Sounds

This 2nd Grade Workshop provides an understanding between the relationship between sound and vibrating objects. Children experiment in sound stations and then transform your voice with our Mad Science voice modulator!


In Solid with Earth

This 1st Grade Workshop compares the properties of soil samples from different places and learn about the physical properties of earth materials, including rocks and minerals. Children will erupt a volcano, study cool rock samples and get the dirt on...dirt!


Astonishing Astronomy

This 1st Grade Workshop recognizes the features and patterns of the earth/moon/sun system as observed from Earth. Children learn about our planets, asteroids, the moon and mix up a recipe for a kitchen comet!


Wacky Weather

Kindergartners will understand change and the observable patterns of weather that occur from day to day and throughout the year. in this workshop. Children learn about clouds, precipitation and even make it "snow" in the classroom!


Proper Properties

Kindergartners will understand how objects are described based on their physical properties and how they are used in this workshop. Children take a taste challenge, dare to reach into the box of mystery and see what's inside and even experiment with your own pair of diffraction glasses!


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