The Marvel of Science Series

9 one-hour Experiences with Take-homes


Mystery of the Secret Slime

Determine "whodunit". Solve the mini mystery using detective tools and strategies. Learn how to lift fingerprints and test your powers of observation like a real sleuth.


Slippery Slime Science

This class demystifies one of the most beneficial molecules known to humankind…polymers!


Bubbling Potions

Children explore the three states of matter with dry ice. They create bubbling volcanos, test for aliens and recreate smoke illusions as seen in the movies.


Dino Dig

Kids examine fossil casts and explore the differences in the teeth of herbivorous and carnivorous dinosaurs. Students participate in a mini dinosaur excavation and make a cast of a dinosaur tooth to take home.


Sweet Heat

Children will observe the transformation of molecules while discovering the properties of heat through observing a mini rocket launch and underwater volcano. They will use what they have learned to create a sweet treat.


Rocket Science

Children will be introduced to the dynamics of rocket flight. At the end, they will take part in a real model rocket launch. Workshop is held outside.


Optical Illusions

Children will learn that seeing is not always believing. They will explore the physics of optical illusions and learn how our eyes can trick our brains.


Space, the Final Frontier

Experience the life of an astronaut as you suit up for space flight. Work with your flight crew to complete an important space mission and race against time to complete a model space station.


Fantastic Flyers

Children will explore the basis of flight and aerodynamics. They will discover the four forces that affect flight and then test various plane designs to see the forces in action.


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