The Science Explorer Workshop Series

6 one-hour Experiences


Radical Reactions

Children will uncover the secrets of acids and bases. They will fire the Canister Cannon to experience what happens when the two are combined.


Wacky Weather

Children use real weather tools to learn about precipitation, clouds and how air effects the weather around them.


Seeking Our Senses

Kids explore all five senses. They test their vision with optical illusions, experiment with their hearing and a mystery taste test


Laser Lights

The program will shed the light on lasers, light and color. Children will use real lasers to create illusions and compete in a game of laser limbo. A darkened room is required for this workshop.


Mineral Mania

Students recreate the process of rock formation and devise ways to identify and classify rocks and minerals. They experience the thrill of panning for gems; the gems they find, they can take home for further study and investigation.


Sonic Sound

Kids surf sound waves in this “offbeat” class. They will explore how sounds are created and transmitted.


Tantalizing Taste

Kids put on their lab coats and stick out their tongues, as they discover the delicious biology behind their taste buds.


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