School Assemblies and Science Shows

Mad Science school assemblies, shows and fun stations are so action-packed kids forget they're learning! So say goodbye to boring school assemblies and events! Grab your students' attention while providing your entire school with educational and entertaining science shows and hands-on fun stations.

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All About Our Science Shows and Fun Stations

Our Science Shows in Action!

Our spectacular science-themed shows get students excited about learning!

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Science Shows and Assemblies

Fascinating science shows that will entertain both students and parents alike. See amazing chemical reactions, fantastic forces, and more.

4 test tubes one red, one yellow, one green and one purple with dry ice inside.  4 test tubes one red, one yellow, one green and one purple with dry ice inside.

Demonstration and Make-and-Take Fun Stations

Students and parents rotate through our fun stations. Each booth is filled with interactive hands-on demonstrations that promote scientific learning, with the add-on option of theme-related make-and-take science activities.

STEM Family Engagement Nights

Build your own customized science experience for your students with a science show to start, followed by any number of fun stations.

boy mixing the mixture to make Slime boy mixing the mixture to make Slime

Discovery Days

A Discovery Day includes four exciting Discovery Stations. Each hands-on activity station is led a Mad Scientists. Students are able to participate in exciting demonstrations and experiments. A convenient alternative to off campus field trips! No need for permission slips, transportation or chaperones!

A boy with glasses in a lab with beakers holding a funnel inside of a beaker  A boy with glasses in a lab with beakers holding a funnel inside of a beaker

Our Special Event Themes

Shows and Assemblies

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Demonstration Fun Stations

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Make-and-Take Fun Stations

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Brain, mind, think, idea

Discovery Days

Bridge with child's hand

STEM Family Engagement Nights

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Happy Customers

Here's what schools have to say about our science events!

My son is loving the science after school program, he’s excited to extend his school day!!

Ellie C

Winston Salem, NC

We moved from 32% of 5th graders being proficient in science to 75%. This helped push us into a "c" rated school for the first time in our history!!!.

Candice B

Monroe, NC

My kids love Mad Science! They rave about it on the car ride home every Monday. The goodies they come home with are super fun and educational! Would definitely do another round of Mad Science.

Sara T.

Charlotte, NC


What is your cancellation policy?

We need to be notified of any changes at least 7 business days in advance. The event fee is non-refundable within 7 business days. Any changes that need to be made to accommodate more children may also result in an additional fee for materials. All refunds take 4-6 weeks to process.


What kind of space is best suited for a Mad Science special event?

An ideal location would be an area with an open space for the children to sit on the floor. Mad Science special events generally work best when held indoors. However, they can be performed outdoors, weather permitting, where shelter from the wind can be provided.


Do we need to provide Mad Science with any equipment?

For each scheduled show or fun station, we require an 8-foot long table to place our equipment on. Depending on the event you select, we may need access to an electrical outlet and a sink, or other water source, to clean our glassware and other equipment after the event.

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