Our Half-Day Camp Themes


Eureka! The Inventors Camp

This camp is designed by You- the inventor! Each day, you'll be given a series of challenges With a little bit of ingenuity and tips from famous inventors, you'll construct catapults, forts, erupt volcanoes on a shipwrecked island and even blast off into the science of the future! --recommended for rising 1st grade - rising 5th graders.


Secret Agent Lab

Look out 007-the Mad Science Spy Academy is in session! Every day, we'll step into the shoes of a secret agent in action as we decode messages and become masters of sneaky surveillance. It's no secret- this camp will help you uncover the science behind the mysterious world of espionage! --recommended for rising 1st graders-rising 5th graders


Destination Earth

Explorers, pack your bags and prepare for a journey through Earth-from its atmosphere all the way down to its molten core! Become a nature explorer as you take a walk on the wild side of science, dig deep to discover why geology "rocks" and learn ways to protect our planet through conservation and recycling! --recommended for rising 1st graders-rising 5th graders


Science Explorations

Each day you'll enter into the realm of a different scientist from history to explore fantastic discoveries! Dive into Costeau's coast and investigate sea life, unlock the magic of Houdini's Hideaway and even blast off into Galileo's Galaxy as you explore the solar system! You may even be inspired to make your own discoveries some day! --recommended for rising 1st graders - 5th graders


Funky Forensics

Step into the shoes of a detective to uncover the world of detection, forensics and classified information! Become a sleuth and create, collect and analyze evidence to determine "whodunnit" From fingerprints to footprints, you'll learn how to connect the dots and help sniff out the suspects in your own hands on crime scene investigation! -recommended for rising 1st graders-rising 5th graders


Roarin' Rockets

3,2,1..BLAST OFF into an exciting week of flight at Roarin' Rockets camp! Aspiring rocket scientists will master the dynamics of flight as they build multiple designs and participate in a variety of different launches! From air and water powered rockets to solid fuel engines, it's going to be a week of high flying fun! --recommended for rising 1st graders-rising 5th graders


Incredible Flying Machines

The week will fly by as we study incredible flying machines from the earliest inventions all the way up to modern day rocket launches! As a test pilot, you'll even have the opportunity to build and test different designs and put them to the test in our Mad Science wind tunnel! --recommended for rising 1st graders-rising 5th graders



Fasten your seat belts for a week of motion as you experiment with forces both seen and unseen! Find out if you have the "Wright" stuff as you build and launch your own rubber band powered plane and get ready to explore rockets and the physics of flight! Get ready for wheels, wings, roller coasters and more on this wild ride! --recommended for rising 1st graders-rising 5th graders


Junior Engineers

Investigate the world of simple machines as you assemble and control pulleys, levers, catapults and mega pinchers! Inspect the elements of structures and shapes as you build and test designs like rubber band launchers and zipline racers! Your simple machine constructions will make work seem like play! --recommended for rising 2nd graders - rising 6th graders


Science Madness

Are you crazy about chemical reactions? Passionate about potions? Wild about weather? Can't decide what your favorite branch of science is? During this week of discovery, you'll be introduced to all facets of science as you dive in with non-stop, hands on fun! There'll be something new in the lab every day. --recommended for rising 1st graders - rising 5th graders.


Super Duper Science Sampler

Explore some of the coolest science on your way to becoming a certified Mad Scientist! Become a brilliant biologist as you study birds and beasts and construct pasta skyscrapers and bridges as a junior architect! Experiment with astroblasters in the Science of Sports and challenge yourself with our "egg"cellent helmet building challenge! --recommended for rising 1st graders - rising 5th graders.


Creature Feature

Young scientists will become wildlife experts as they learn all about their favorite furry, feathery, slimy and scaly friends! Games, songs, crafts and more!. We will venture outside to bird watch, become Frog Princes and Princesses as we meet some Freshwater Friends and transform into ocean explorers as we dive in to the world of sharks! -- recommended for rising K - rising 2nd graders


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