Our Full-Day Camp Themes


Spy Academy 101

Calling all secret agents! Report to headquarters immediately! Become a real sleuth and sharpen your skills as you uncover mysterious crime scenes and work as an investigative team to discover "whodunit"! From fingerprints to footprints, you'll learn how to connect the dots and help sniff out the suspects in your own hands on crime scene. --recommended for rising 1st graders-rising 5th graders


Mad Science Discovery Zone

Science is all around us and there are no boundaries when you enter the Mad Science Discovery Zone! Explore Newton's neck of the woods. Mix up some exciting chemical reactions inspired by Currie's curiosities and even dive into the depths of the ocean as part of Cousteau's crew! You may even be inspired to make your own discoveries some day! --recommended for rising 1st graders-rising 5th graders


Red Hot Robots

Gear up and get ready to explore the “nuts and bolts” of robotics! You'll use your new skills to construct your own working robot from start to finish and each day we'll explore the concept of sensors, build simple circuits and construct fun gadgets to take home! Our budding robot engineers will even dive into the world of coding with robots that interact and respond to their surroundings


Eco Explorers

Discover where the wild things are and explore the birds and the beasts in this exciting trek into nature! Children will unearth the science behind volcanos and geology, and learn about the living laboratories in their own backyard. Become a nature explorer as you take a walk on the wild side of science. --recommended for rising 1st graders-rising 5th graders



You don't have to travel to galaxies far, far away to find the fun at this camp! Become a junior jedi in training as you construct your own light saber, take flight with the Wright Brothers as you design your own flying machine and explore the depths of the sea with Jules Verne as you use your imagination to develop the reality of our current technologies into future possibilities!


Science Under Construction

Construct and then deconstruct the science behind everything from sports to medieval machines in this exciting camp! It's a different type of science everyday. Build and then race with megapinchers, design a colorful kaleidoscope and then take a hands on look at some of nature's most interesting designs! If you like to design and build then this is the camp for you.


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