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The Easiest Field Trip You'll Ever Have-And By Far The Most Memorable!

Mad Science Workshops make science fun for kids because they are… 

  • Fun, Educational and Interactive! 
  • Led by trained, reliable, and dynamic instructors!
  • Age appropriate for children in Kindergarten to Grade 6!
  • Held at the location of your choice!                           
  • Hassle-free-NO BUS, NO FUSS!                                                                                                                 


 Choose from a variety of exciting topics!  



 Workshops in our Marvels of Science Series are $185 each. In order to keep our activities as hands on as possible, we limit our programs to 25 participants. We do allow up to a maximum of 30 for an additional $4 per child over 25.

                                                                                               *travel fee may apply


Bubbling Potions

A Mad Science lab isn't complete without bubbling potions! In this exciting program, children will explore the three states of matter with dry ice! They'll create bubbling volcanoes, test for aliens and recreate awesome smoke illusions used in movies!

Sweet Heat

Sweet Heat is one of our “hottest” workshops! Children will transform into molecules to discover the properties of heat! They'll witness a mini rocket launch, test the underwater volcano, and then use what they've learned about heat to create a sweet treat!

Food allergy awareness: This program includes taste-testing activities.

Rocket Science

This workshop is a blast! Aspiring rocket scientists will master the dynamics of rocket flight! Afterward, they'll be cleared for take-off and take part in a real model rocket launch!

Optical Illusions

In this workshop, children will learn that seeing is not always believing! They'll explore the physics of optical illusions and learn how our eyes can trick our brains! They'll experiment with a coil that moves in mysterious ways and take our Mad Science mirror challenge!

Mystery of the Secret Slime

Help the Mad Scientist determine “whodunit?” Solve a mini-mystery using detective tools and strategies! Learn how to lift fingerprints like a pro, test your powers of observation and become a real sleuth on the scene!

Slippery Slime Science

The famous Mad Science slime recipe will be revealed in this ooey-gooey chemistry class! Children will learn the science behind polymers and then use their creations to compete in the Mad Science Slime Olympics!

Dino Dig

Jr. Paleontologists will “dig” this “dyno-mite” workshop! They'll examine fossil casts and even participate in their own mini dinosaur dig!

Fantastic Flyers

This workshop will help children “soar” though the basics of flight and aerodynamics! Our Jr. aviators will discover the four forces that affect flight and then test various plane designs to see these forces in action!

Science of Toys

Children take a peek into the Mad Science toy box and have fun learning about potential and kinetic energy while playing with some of their favorite toys! They'll spin into action with tops and gear up as they help the Mad Scientist investigate motorized toys!




Workshops in our Science Explorers Series are $170 each. In order to keep our activities as hands on as possible, we limit our programs to 25 participants. We do allow up to a maximum of 30 for an additional $4 per child over 25.

*Travel fee may apply 


Sonic Sounds

Listen up! In this workshop, children will experiment with sound waves and transform everyday objects into a Mad Science symphony! They'll also use our Mad Science voice modulator to transform their voices to sound like chipmunks and even Darth Vader!

Tantalizing Taste

This workshop will help children develop a “taste” for science! They'll learn how carbonation makes drinks fizzy, test to see if they are super tasters and explore how our nose and taste buds work together as a team!

Food allergy awareness: This program includes taste-testing activities.

Wacky Weather

Neither rain or snow (nor synthetic snow!) can keep us from this “cool” workshop! The forecast calls for fun as children become jr. meteorologists and use real weather tools to learn about precipitation, clouds, and how air affects the weather around them.

Laser Lights

This program will shed light on the world of lasers, light and color! Children will use real lasers to create illusions, compete in a game of laser limbo and, if they dare, try out the Mad Science Tunnel of Doom!

Please note that a darkened room is required for this workshop!

Seeking our Senses

This program is full of experiments to see, touch, hear, smell and taste! Children will explore all 5 of their senses with optical illusions, sound effects and even the Mad Science mystery taste test!

Food allergy awareness: This program includes taste-testing activities.

Radical Reactions

Children will become jr. chemists in this workshop and uncover the secrets of acids and bases! They'll even help the Mad Scientist fire our famous Canister Cannon to experience what happens when the two are combined!

Space, the Final Frontier

Experience the life of an astronaut as you suit up for space flight! Work with your flight crew to complete an important space mission and race against time to complete a model space station!

Mineral Mania

This workshop proves that geology “rocks!” Children will peek into the Earth's layers, erupt a foamy volcano and learn how scientists classify different rocks and minerals! They'll even experiment with some that glow!


Our calendar fills FAST and all workshops are FIRST-COME, FIRST SERVED! No deposit is needed! 

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